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Past Events

RC02 is proud to have organized altogether 15 panels at the 24th IPSA World Congress. The panels were well-attended and many of the papers can be accessed through the congress online paper room. If you do not have access and would like to get one of these papers, please write us.

1. Governmental elites and public management: who rules and how?
Chairs: Esperanza Palma & Alejandro Vega

2. A Return of Class Conflict? Political Polarization Among Party Leaders and Followers in the Wake of the Sovereign Debt Crisis
Chair: Ursula Hoffmann-Lange

3. Elite Interactions and Processes of Transnational Integration
Chair: Lars Vogel

4. Elites as leaders. Opinion moulding and mass responsiveness in a world of social inequality
Chair: Heinrich Best

5. Inter-Sectoral Elite Relations in a Comparative Perspective
Chair: Oxana Gaman-Golutvina

6. It Runs in the Family: Family Ties to Political Power Worldwide
Chair: Farida Jalalzai

7. Novel Approaches to Studying Elites
Chair: Maurizio Cotta

8. Parliamentary Activities, Career Tracks and Accountability
Chair: Federico Russo

9. Parliamentary Elites and the Challenges of Representative Democracy
Chair: Julien Navarro

10. Parliamentary Elites and the Challenges of Representative Democracy II
Chair: Thomas Daeubler

11. Political Career Paths at Regional Level (II)
Chair: Melany Barragan

12. Political Career Paths at the Regional Level I
Chair: Michelangelo Vercesi

13. Political Elites, Expertise and democracy
Chair: António Costa Pinto

14. Political Representation in Southern Europe and Latin America I: Southern Europe
Chair: André Freire

15. Political representation in Southern Europe and Latin America II: Latin America
Chairs: Marco Lisi & Melany Barragan

Published on Friday, August 19 2016 by Ursula Hoffmann-Lange