Invitation to submit an article for the yearbook Comparative Social Research

The yearbook Comparative Social Research invites the submission of papers on the changing significance of elites, and tensions between elites and population groups, in a comparative perspective. The current rise of populism seem to shatter established relationships between elites and the population in both Western and non-Western parts of the world, and may represent a challenge to democracy. Reasons for these changes need to be scrutinized and more thoroughly understood. Increased tensions between people and elite groups may vary from one society to another, reflecting differences in national culture, organizational and political structure, as well as institutions producing social integration. Which groups are perceived as elites, and which groups hold power, may vary between countries and over time. Recent political developments, as well as research, suggest that the role of cultural and symbolic dimensions in the shaping of elite status is significant.

Contributions may take their point of departure in a diversity of disciplines (sociology, political science, history, or other social sciences), and in different conceptions of elites or theoretical strands, such as institutional patterns, power elites and elite integration, symbolic boundary work, or elite compromises and democracy. 

Deadline: Scholars are invited to submit summaries of articles before September 15, 2017, and finished articles before January 10, 2018.

More information: LR_CSR_call_for_papers_elites.docx