The Standing Group on Elites and Political Leadership is putting together a section entitled "A Brave New World? Elites and Challenges to Leadership" at the ECPR General Conference in Wroclaw, 4-7 September 2019.

The deadline for submitting your abstract through MyECPR is 18 February.

We have an exciting set of panels suggested by members of the SG, which will no doubt include one that would fit your paper proposal. If this is the case, please get in touch with the panel chair before (or even after) submitting your individual paper proposal to our Section through the ECPR website. This will allow for the best informed final selection of papers and panels.

Here is the list of panels (which you can also find here), with the names and adresses of the chairs. 

1. Women’s Leadership as Chief Executives: Feminist Institutional Analyses (Chair Pat Sykes,; Discussant: Keith Dowding)

2. Social identity and leadership (Chair: Martin Rosema,; Discussant: TBA)

3. Political outsiders and the challenge of party politics (Chair: Despina Alexiadou,; Discussant: Eri Bertsou)

4. European leaders and elites: the times they are a changing (Chair: Luca Verzichelli,; Discussant: TBA)

5. Political leaders in times of post-truth and fake news (Chair: Eoin O’Malley,; Discussant: TBA)

6. The elite-voter nexus: elites’ perceptions of voter preferences (Chair: Patrick Dumont,; Discussant: TBA)

7. Professionalization and de-professionalization among political elites (Chair: Anchrit Wille,; Discussant: Marc Bovens)

8. What they say is what they do: Text analysis and Political Elites (Chair: Rohan Alexander,; Discussant: Matt Kerby)

9. Parliamentary Careers, pools and sequences (Chair: Matt Kerby,; Discussant: TBA)

10. Elites and Experiments (Chair:; Discussant: TBA)

11. Networks and political elites and leaders (Chair: elena.semenova@fu-berlin.deDiscussant: TBA)